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Holley Savanna

Fair Oaks, Indiana

3250 E 100 S
Fair Oaks, IN 47943


Rocks, ephemeral ponds, white oaks and hazelnuts all come together at Holley Savanna. The property is 79 acres in total, roughly 69 acres wet to dry woods and 10 acres of high diversity low stature prairie.

Perched on top of the Iroquois moraine in central Newton County, Holley Savanna splits two geographic regions: to the north formerly were extensive sand and muck soils of the Kankakee Marsh; while to the south were rich loamy soils of the Grand Prairie of Indiana. Rocks deposited by the retreating glaciers are present at Holley Savanna.


  • Bird Watching

  • Mushroom Harvesting Allowed

  • Wildflowers

How to Get There

Directions from I-65. Go west on SR 114. Go north on SR 55. Go West on county road 100 S. Park at North Star Cemetery. Holley Savanna is to the north.

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