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Town of Kentland

You can find us in Jefferson Township on the western edge of Central Indiana, bordering the Illinois State Line. We’re a diamond in the rough, ideally positioned 85 miles south of Chicago and 105 miles north of Indianapolis. Our longstanding history dates all the way back to 1860 with a man named Alexander J Kent. During that year, Jasper and Newton had become separate counties, and Kentland was designated as the Newton County Seat. This was during an era of tremendous growth for America. The railroads were pushing westward, and all along their tracks towns were beginning to form.

Town Hall:
300 N. 3rd St.
Kentland, IN 47951


Population: 1,676

Town Administration

Town Council:

Debby Shufflebarger - Pres

Mike Rowe

Chandlor Weiss-Brinkman

Clerk Treasurer:

 Judy King

Utility Clerk:

Andrea Standish

Town Superintendent:

Ricky Hughes

Town Marshall:

Jamie Wirtz

Deputy Marshall:

Brian Havens

Fire Chief:

Matt Wittenborn

Building Commissioner:

Matt Wittenborn

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